Dr. Miroj Shakya



Dr. Miroj Shakya is an Associate Professor and Chair in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of the West in Rosemead, California, USA. His research interests include the Sanskrit language, Sanskrit literature, the Pali language, the Buddhist canon, Indian Mahayana Buddhism, Newar Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, and Hinduism. He serves as the Project Coordinator of the Digital Sanskrit Buddhist Canon Project ( and the Rare Buddhist Sanskrit Manuscript Preservation Project ( at the University of the West. Additionally, he is the Director at the Nagarjuna Institute of Buddhist Studies in Lalitpur, Nepal, and serves as a Sanskrit Language Consultant at the Asian Legacy Library in Sedona, USA. Dr. Shakya is also a founding member of the Great Compassion Fund in Los Angeles, which provides funds for food and financial support to impoverished people in Nepal ( Furthermore, he served as the Convener of the Sanskrit Language Working Group for the Union Catalog of Buddhist Texts, sponsored by the International Association of Buddhist Universities (IABU) in Bangkok, Thailand. Dr. Shakya has made contributions to academic publications, including his role as the editor of "Catalog of Digitized Rare Sanskrit Buddhist Manuscript Vol. 1 (2010)" and "Vol. 2 (2019)," as well as co-editor of the book titled "Sacred Art of Nepal" (2013). You can explore his academic publications at

Ven. Sirinanda Unaleeye


Venerable Sirinanda Unaleeye, a Buddhist monk originally from Sri Lanka. After finishing his bachelor’s degree in Sri Lanka, he earned his master’s degree in Buddhist Studies from Thailand. Then he extended his Dhamma service by moving to the United States for Working as a Buddhist religious worker. He has been sharing his Dhamma knowledge and practice with diverse communities in Austin, Texas and currently in Los Angeles, California. Right now, he is a PhD candidate in Religious Studies at the University of the West, Rosemead, California. His research interests include Indian Buddhism, Pāli commentaries, Early Buddhism, and Spread of Buddhism. He is serving the community residing at Mindfulness Meditation Center in Los Angeles. Also, he has been working as the president of the Religious department Graduate Council in the University of the West where graduate students gather and organize academic and non-academic activities which pave the way to develop their leadership, organizing and a lot more experience in team work.


Szu-Yin Tseng



Ms. Szu-Yin Tseng is a professional Pranic Healer who has dedicated six years to the study of healing. She has successfully treated numerous clients dealing with mental health issues, stress, and physical pain. Ms. Tseng graduated from the University of the West with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering her hours for charity work, such as providing meals to the hungry in Downtown Los Angeles and offering free healing clinics.

Dinesh Shakya


Mr. Dinesh Shakya is an IT professional and a specialist in information technology responsible for managing, securing, and optimizing an organization's technology infrastructure. Specially working with end device management solution and system administration, network management, cybersecurity, hardware and software, end-user support, and strategic planning. He worked at USD and AHA (Robot school). IT professionals typically hold relevant degrees or certifications and are vital for maintaining a company's technological efficiency and security.